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Laser String II Four Wheel Alignment

Our most popular laser. “The Triple” Originally designed for Porsche factory GT1



The �Laser String II� 2016 now with double the power, is a triple laser head tool using laser line generation technology developed by A.R.T. for CART technical inspection. Laser String II ( Triple )is the first 3D laser measurement device of its kind for performing four wheel alignments, chassis inspection, and chassis construction using the vehicle centerline as reference. Laser String II simulates traditional three string alignment method used by racers but adds a third dimension in the vertical axis. It also has a much greater potential for other uses beyond suspension alignment. Not only is the Laser String the standard gauge for chassis setup, it is also considered one of the key components in stock car frame construction and body panel placement.
Laser String II is a custom built three head laser system for projecting three vertical parallel reference lines. The center laser beam is used to establish or target the vehicle centerline. The five head lasers uses three lasers for establishing vehicle center line. The two outer laser beams, on each side of the race car, are calibrated to the center laser beam. Using the triple is very simple. Place the gauge on the ground, level the high precision bubble level, align the center laser to your vehicle centerline, and your ready to go.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 6 × 6 in

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