ART offers Laser Toe and Pro Camber gauges to allow automotive companies to provide a new service that has never been offered to the public.

Are you an automotive shop, truck shop, tire store, fast lube, mobile service shop? Do you do oil changes? Do you already own automotive shop alignment equipment?

Make revenue without making any adjustments to a vehicle.

High Speed Front End Alignment ” Check” that only can be done with our equipment.

The LT1 System utilizes two of ART’s highly successful products, “Laser Toe Angle Gauge” and the “Pro Smart Camber/Caster Gauge”. This system allows fast lube shops, mobile lube and service trucks, general garages, truck garages, and tire companies the ability to offer a new service of front wheel alignment “check”. The concept is to provide to your customers, for a small fee, an optional service of two-wheel front-end alignment CHECK using our equipment. We emphasis the word CHECK because your company will not be providing two wheel alignment adjustments, but will be providing only the condition of alignment. If after checking your customer�s vehicle, you find that an alignment is required you simply refer your customer to an alignment shop of your choice. We recommend that an agreement between your company and alignment shop be established whereby the alignment shop provides a rebate to the customer equal to the alignment check fee. If your customers� alignment is correct, then nothing is required. Your customer drives away happy knowing that their alignment is correct or they are getting their money back when they go to the alignment shop. This makes it a WIN WIN situation for the customer. The best part is you just received a fee for 1-2 minutes of work that you have never before been able to get and at an hourly rate that as never before been seen.

We feel with the expanding services of Fast Lube shops such as tire rotation and wheel balancing, that this is a very viable service to offer to increase revenue and to help your customers with this new “preventative maintenance” service. Use it as a give away in your advertising to attack customers. If you�re a tire company, due to the fact that the equipment is so fast to use, you can now check every vehicle that comes through your door. If you already have an alignment system , we guarantee you�ll double or triple the amount of alignments that you do.

This service has never been available before and without our equipment it would not be possible.


  • “LASER” front wheel alignment check is done during oil change with no added labor cost to the fast lube and no lost time to the customer.
  • Alignment check takes 1-2 minutes
  • No special bays or surfaces required.
  • Equipment is portable and can be used all most anywhere.
  • Gauges are universal to all wheels. No special attachments required.
  • Accuracy of ART gauges are better than full scale alignment shop equipment “GUARANTEED”
  • Gauges can be used on cars and trucks.
  • ALL technicians can be trained in less than 10 minutes.
  • Receive a fee if the alignment is in or out.
  • Help your customers protect their expensive tires.
  • If the alignment is correct the customer leaves with ” peace of mind” that their tires are wearing correctly.
  • All alignment shops require appointment to get alignment checked.
  • No appointment required with this fast service.
  • Some alignment shops give alignment checks for free, BUT you have to make an appointment.
  • The customer also needs to wait several hours for results.
  • Great way to increase alignment business if you also own an alignment machine.
  • Perfect addition if you already do tire rotation and wheel balancing.
  • Prefect addition to mobile lube and repair service companies, the equipment is compact and portable.
  • Do you do mobile lube service? Add this new service check.
  • Do you do mobile repair? You can now replace struts and tie rods and do your own front-end alignment.
  • Get car alignment check business from your local garages.
  • Instead of a free car wash you can now offer a free car alignment check with an oil change
  • Improve business to business relationship by making referrals to local alignment shop.
  • Oil companies use motorsports to market their product.
  • With our background in motorsports you can also use motorsports to market this service.
  • We build lasers for CART, Indylights and Toyota/Atlantic inspection to officially inspect all racecars prior to every race.
  • ART gauges are the same gauges used to align racecars that travel at speeds greater than 180MPH.
  • ART gauges are used for development and inspection by major automotive and tire manufactures. Like BMW, FORD, Mercedes, Chrysler, Saturn, John Deere Tractor, Firestone Tire, etc