How to generate extra revenue for your garage!

Using the Portable Laser Toe Gauge and Pro Smart Camber
Wheel Alignment Equipment

  • Obviously by performing your own alignments after a repair you can now earn that money that is paid to the alignment shop. You also save the valuable time and labor cost of transporting the cars to and from the alignment shop. Any way you look at it, it is COSTING YOU money to go to the alignment shop. This alone can justify purchasing this equipment!
  • Offer a front end alignment check for a small fee when a customer comes in for an oil change. If their alignment is correct you have a happy customer and you made money for a few minutes work. If their alignment is out, you can now offer them a refund of this fee IF they contract to you for a front end alignment. You win and they win. This extra fast service is exactly why fast lube shops are so successful.
  • Attract customers for oil changes, tires, shocks, etc. by offering a free front end alignment check. This is an alternative to free car wash and you may even generate more work by diagnosing a problem.
  • Due to the speed of the equipment consider checking ALL cars that come into your garage. No matter what they are there for. Not only can this help generate potential wheel alignments, it could flag front-end problems that could generate front-end work. It only takes a minute but the pay offs can be substantial.
  • Since the equipment can be used on large trucks and tractor trailers all the above is also true for them. Now you have the ability to generate revenue from truck and tractor trailers that you may never had before.
  • Because the gauges are portable you can now go TO the customer. That customer could be a company with a fleet of cars or someone who just can�t get to your garage. In other words Mobile Service.
  • Speaking of fleets of vehicles. Since the equipment can be used on tractor trailers it is possible to check fleets of tractors at their terminals. Typically only toe angle is checked on the front end since camber is not easily adjustable with “I” beam front axles. Tractor trailers wheel alignments are very expensive. Since their tires are also very expensive they need to keep track of their front end wheel alignments. By offering to diagnose their tractors at the terminal for a fee which would be a fraction of the cost of full wheel alignment you could potentially save them thousands of dollars in tires and wheel alignments. Not to mention the cost of transporting those tractors to and from the alignment shop.
  • Since the equipment was originally designed for race cars you could visit the local race track and again charge a small fee to diagnose their front end alignment.
  • If you already have an alignment system, you can still do all that we have mentioned here.
    Do you have a Fast Lube business? Use the gauges to diagnose front end alignment condition, charge the small fee and if they need an alignment, send them to the local alignment shop without having to make any adjustments. The diagnoses takes 1-2 minutes. Add up the fees and the labor and you’ll see you just made some good money.
  • Since the gauges are very flexible there are other vehicles that the equipment can be used on. They may not be very likely a market but we thought we would mention it. Farm equipment, lawn tractors, golf carts, go-karts, ATVs, and even Snowmobiles. (yes we have aligned ski�s on snowmobiles )