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Setup Platforms


An alignment platform is an aluminum structure incorporating easily assembled components enabling the user to construct a level surface to execute chassis set-up on a race car.



Chassis set-up includes:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Castor, camber, toe-in/out
  • Chassis rake (front to rear, side to side)
  • Wing angle
  • Total and individual wheel weights

The key to productive testing and a successful race weekend is being able to find a flat level surface on which accurate and repeatable measurements can be made. Testing can become very non-productive or minor damage during a practice session can ruin an entire weekend if you can’t accurately reset the suspension. Indy car teams have long recognized these facts and have constructed elaborate surface plates which cost up to $20,000 and needed a semi-trailer to transport!

Alignment Platforms are also known as Set-up platform, Set-up rack, Scale platen, Chassis set-up fixture, or the English term, Flat patch. MK Technologies has been producing alignment platforms since 1992. Many top level professional teams are currently using our product, such as:

  • Alex Job Racing – Sportscar and USRRC Porsche team and prep shop
  • PacWest Touring Cars
  • World Speed Motorsports – Chuck West’s Racing Operation (2 units)
  • A.J. Foyl Enterprises – IRL, Craftsman Truck Series, and F-2000 (3 units)

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