Pro K Go Kart Laser Toe Angle Gauge




The portable Pro K-Laser Toe Gauge was CAD designed specifically to accurately measure toe/tracking angles on Karts, Midgets, F440, Mini-Cup, Junior dragsters, ATV, Micro Sprints, snowmobiles, any other vehicles. Resolution of the Pro K-Laser is 1.5 THOUSANDS on an inch. It is the only gauge we are aware of that can measure and detect toe change due to chassis flex. Our alignment procedure is performed with the driver in the kart and the kart on the ground under full load conditions. In doing so toe change due to chassis flex is ELIMINATED. Our discoveries show that toe/tracking readings will change significantly when the driver is placed in the kart.We have found more than 3mm difference in some cases.The Pro K-Laser is the only gauge known capable of performing this setup.
The procedure of taking a toe / tracking angle readings can be performed by one person in a matter of minutes and no need to remove the wheels. With the unique laser head design that incorporates the latest in solid state lasers, toe/tracking angle readings can be performed with accuracies of better two thousands of an inch.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 6 in

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