Tuesday, July 30th 2013
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Wheel Alignment Toe In Gauge
Laser Toe Angle Gauge - Toe In

Manufactured by US citizens in USA and made from raw materials made in USA.

Laser Toe Angle Gauge - Toe In / Toe Out

Racing and Automotive Equipment Portable Laser Wheel Alignment Tool Gauge Carry Case

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Shoots under aerodynamic body works. No need to remove any body panels.

Resolution - 1/60 of a degree ( approximately four thousands of inch.004" on 15" wheel)

Toe Accuracy 10x more accurate than Hunter alignment systems.

Measurements in less than two minutes. Total toe measurement.

Level surface not required

Wheels from 5" - 28"

Battery powered

Optional carrying case

Suggested Retail: $789.95 Optional Carrying Case : $229.95

Here is a small list of customer types we have sold to. Stock Car, Street Stock, Modifieds, Formula Cars, Solar Race Car, Drag Cars, Sliders, SCCA of all types. Mini Cup, Formula SAE, ATV, Snowmobiles, Land Speed, and more.....

Laser Toe

Laser Toe Carrying Case

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