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Pro K-Laser Toe Angle Gauge Wheel Alignment for Go Karts

High-end Equipment for
Go Kart Race Professionals
After 19 years this gauge is still the only laser able to measure toe change due to chassis flex

Pro K-Laser Toe Angle Gauge is for high-end users
and should not be compared to the
low end kart laser equipment like
Eagle Eye , Lazalign , SupAlign or Sniper.

The Pro K-Laser is the most accurate toe gauge worldwide
Guaranteed to be as much as 50 times more accurate then our competition.

Now upgradeable to full size race car version

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The portable Pro K-Laser Toe Gauge was CAD designed specifically to accurately measure toe/tracking angles on Karts, Midgets, F440, Mini-Cup, Junior dragsters, ATV, Micro Sprints, snowmobiles, any other vehicles. Resolution of the Pro K-Laser is 1.5 THOUSANDS on an inch. It is the only gauge we are aware of that can measure and detect toe change due to chassis flex. Our alignment procedure is performed with the driver in the kart and the kart on the ground under full load conditions. In doing so toe change due to chassis flex is ELIMINATED. Our discoveries show that toe/tracking readings will change significantly when the driver is placed in the kart.We have found more than 3mm difference in some cases.The Pro K-Laser is the only gauge known capable of performing this setup.

The procedure of taking a toe / tracking angle readings can be performed by one person in a matter of minutes and no need to remove the wheels. With the unique laser head design that incorporates the latest in solid state lasers, toe/tracking angle readings can be performed with accuracies of better two thousands of an inch.

Tests with our full size laser gauge, to which the K-Laser is identical, have shown that we can achieve accuracies better than the $30,000 full size alignment systems found in automotive shops. The Pro K-Laser Toe is nothing more than a mini version of the full size Laser Toe. This gauge has been sold to top racing teams through out the world, sold to some of the most highly recognized people in racing. Sold to companies like Ford, GM, BMW, Honda, Saturn, Subaru, Firestone Tire, Michelin tire,colleges, universties, not to mention US military and United Nations.

The operation of the Pro K-Laser Toe wheel alignment is simple. Place the laser section and mirror section, with its locating pins, against the front wheels. With the laser shooting under the vehicle, you simply make two adjustments to align the laser beam reflection from the mirror to a scribe line on the face of the laser. With this accomplished you read the dial indicator for your wheel alignment toe reading. Don't forget to put the driver in the kart.

This fully portable laser system, which is made mostly of aluminum, weighs less than ten pounds. It comes with all hardware, instructions, and angle to dimension conversion charts.

A special note from Rob Phillips, Designer and CEO of Advanced Racing Technologies.

The accuracy of our gauge is quaranteed to be 50 times more accurate than any of or competitors. Our design eliminates many design flaws found in competitor alignment systems. We are very troubled in seeing the design flaws in our competitors systems that are not know by the general public. Having 25 years experience in tool design, being the ORIGINAL creators of laser technology in motorsports we feel it is our job to "Do the Thinking" for the customer and not miss lead the customer with a poor design. Our competitors don't tell you where the manufacturing errors are, where the errors are in their manufacturing calibrations, where the errors are in the mounting of their systems to your kart, where the errors are in their over all design. In order to protect the creditablity of laser technology in motorsports I feel it my duty to make you aware. Two systems on this hit list so far are Eagle Eye Laser Wheel Alignment, and SupAlign Laser Wheel Alignment. Ironically all systems use the sample principles. They all copied each other and they all got it so wrong.

If you are thinking of purchasing a laser system or aleady own kart laser system that is not made by our company feel free to contact us and we will point out the design flaws in that competitors system. After that, we leave it to you to be the the judge.
Rob Phillips
Suggested Retail $399.95

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